Month: May 2023

An hoenst review of ‘Annie,’ the musical

It’s been a bit of a rainy week QCity, but according to the musical “Annie,” the sun will come out tomorrow.  Who needs a meteorologist when you’ve got optimism? About the show Before becoming a Broadway musical and film of the same name, “Annie,” was a comic strip called “Little Orphan Annie.” Across its adaptations

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Former NCCU/NC A&T tackle Ricky Lee signs with Panthers

Former NCCU and NC A&T lineman Ricky Lee signed a three-year deal with the Panthers last week. After going undrafted in this year’s NFL draft, the 6-foot-6, 320-pound tackle received a rookie minicamp invite. Lee’s performance earned him a three-year year deal worth $2.7 million, according to Over The Cap, a website that details NFL player contracts. Why

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Day trippin’: A girl’s guide to Columbia, SC

Whether you’re looking for rest and relaxation, to experience art and world-class cuisine, plentiful shopping, or to stay up — and out — past your usual bedtime, you’ll find all that and more just 94 miles south of Charlotte. Affectionately known as “Cola,” Columbia is full to the brim with southern charm, wonder, and adventure.

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