How to Control the Rising Costs of an Azure Deployment in Charlotte

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How to Control the Rising Costs of an Azure Deployment in Charlotte

Catch up on our webinar about Azure implementation. Our Charlotte team shares how you can have a high-quality and cost-effective execution.

We have likely all heard some variation of the phrase “Good, fast, cheap. Choose two.” Most people widely accept the notion that finding an equilibrium between quality, speed, and cost is impossible. That same restriction often holds azure environments. Azure provides a consistently quality product which leaves most people choosing between cost and speed.

Rapid deployment of new Azure resources can mean a spike in consumption, improper configuration and a surge in demand that drives the cost up. To mitigate cost, organizations then create new Azure resources under great scrutiny and lengthy approvals, which often contradicts their agile processes and ultimately decreases speed and agility.

The “quality, speed and cost” triangle is a false choice — one you can overcome with a focus on quality. This focus will inherently increase speed and decrease cost by reducing rework, avoiding costly mistakes and increasing confidence your changes will work properly to deliver the desired outcomes.

Centering our efforts on the quality of an Azure environment means focusing on how you deploy and configure Azure resources. An effective Azure environment, deployed consistently, will provide visibility. Visibility is the cornerstone to building trust between teams and reinforces the confidence of your team members.

In this discussion, we’ll unpack how improved visibility drives quality by highlighting:

·      The importance of monitoring changes or additions of Azure resources

·      The need to translate those changes into cost impact

·      The flow required to detect and respond to changes quickly.

We will conclude the webinar with a Q&A session, allowing participants to ask specific questions and share their examples of how changes drove hidden costs.

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