I Prayed for You – Q City Metro

I Prayed for You – Q City Metro


The first time Rudy and LaTonya appeared on Qcity Bride was to announce their engagement. A lot has happened since then, including relocation, job change, and their wedding. They are sharing all the details. 

Bride: Latonya Elsberry-Jefferson, 31, Occupational Therapist -Veterans Affairs, a native of Hope Hull, Alabama 
Groom: Rudy Jefferson, 33, Professional Photographer/Sales Representative, a native of St, Stephens South Carolina 
Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina 
Wedding Date: October 1, 2022 
Venue: Embassy Suites by Hilton – Charlotte, North Carolina

How They Met 

(Rudy) Before I met Tonya, I had reached a point where I was ready to start the next phase of my life, finding my future wife. But after a previous relationship did not go as I had expected, I almost gave up on love. I told myself that I was going to stop looking for a wife. Then I met Tonya, and that changed everything. 

Tonya and I met in September 2020. I had told my cousin, Beth, about my decision to give up on love. She told me that she knew someone that was my “type.” She seemed to think very highly of this woman and insisted that she had a great spirit about herself. Beth encouraged me to meet her just one time. I was unsure how well Beth knew Tonya, but I trusted Beth’s judgment and knew she would not steer me in the wrong direction. I went on Instagram and found Tonya’s page. To my surprise, I thought she was beautiful. I decided to be bold and send her a message.  

I sent Tonya a nice message, but she ignored it. Instead, she messaged me on my business page, saying she needed some headshots. I decided to play her game and treat her like a client, knowing good and well that I wanted to get to know her. We started this joke “business first.” Eventually, we exchanged numbers and have not stopped talking since.  

(Latonya) After initially ignoring Rudy’s message, I started to complete my own investigation, first by talking with a mutual friend. I had to find out everything I could about this handsome guy and why he would randomly message me. I found out he was a photographer, and I needed headshots. I would never have guessed that my initial “business inquiry” would make us inseparable. 


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