Plans are underway to revitalize L.C. Coleman Park

Plans are underway to revitalize L.C. Coleman Park


A local creative agency, an independent artist and Mecklenburg County’s Department of Park and Recreation have teamed up to “reactivate” L.C. Coleman Park in Washington Heights.

On Saturday, neighbors of all ages spoke with the park’s design team about the proposed renovations over free smoothies, waffles, decaf and doughnuts. Artists demonstrated live spray painting while a DJ provided a soundtrack for children who shot hoops, blew bubbles and played frisbee.

.Photo: Kylie Marsh.

The man behind the park

L.C. Coleman was a community activist for improvement of Charlotte’s Black neighborhoods. He graduated from Johnson C. Smith University before serving in the U.S. Navy. He also served as chair of the District 65 Labor Union Hardware Local in New York before returning to his home of Washington Heights in the late 1960s.

Lynn Coleman Hudson, daughter of L.C. Coleman, said her father used to own a little sundries store on Oaklawn Avenue. He noticed that the children who frequented his store needed more places to play that weren’t segregated by race.

“This park took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get,” she said.

It wasn’t until Coleman took busloads of Black residents to the Southern parts Charlotte to play softball that “they started paying attention,” she said.


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